” Yellow House ” is a house of Albanian family  Katuci in Ripe, near town Burell, North Albania, where UN prosecutors searched in 2004 for evidence that organs were illegally harvested from Serbs and other non-Albanian people kidnapped from Kosovo in 1999.  Victims were kidnapped by Kosovo Liberation Army ( UCK) and then from Kosovo transported in North Albanian concentration camps.

In 2008, Del Ponte published a book “The Hunt” in which she collected rather extensive evidence that the Kosovo Albanians were smuggling human organs of kidnapped Serbs after the Kosovo war ended in 1999. Her book created an international controversy.

She writes:

 ” A few months after [October 2002] the investigators of the tribunal and UNMIK reached central Albania and the yellow house which the journalists sources had revealed as the place where the prisoners were killed to transplant their organs. The journalists and the Albanian prosecutor accompanied the investigators on to the site.

The house was now white. The owner denied it had ever been repainted even though investigators found traces of yellow along the base of its walls.

Inside the investigators found pieces of gauze, a used syringe and two plastic IV bags encrusted with mud and empty bottles of medicine, some of which was of a muscle relaxant often used in surgical operations.

The application of a chemical substance revealed to the scientific team traces of blood on the walls and on the floor of a room inside the house, except for in a clean area of the floor sized 180x60cm.

The owner offered a variety of explanations for the bloodstains over the course of the two days the investigators spent in the village.

Initially he said that many years ago his wife had given birth in that room then when his wife said she had her children elsewhere he asserted that  the family had used the building to butcher animals for a Muslim festival.

It is tempting to draw conclusions from these investigations, combined with the fragmentary testimony from the journalists. Stories of prisoners killed by organ traffickers circulate in many conflict areas, but rarely is it possible to find concrete proof which would separate these tales from urban legend.

The syringes, the iv solution bags, the gauze are clearly material which confirms the tales, but as proof they are unfortunately insufficient. The investigators were not able to determine whether the traces they found were of human blood. The sources did not indicated the position of the grave of the presumed victims and so we did not find the bodies.”

On 4 April 2008 the Human Rights Watch wrote to Kosovar Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha in request to open investigations on the matter under international supervision. By 3 May both had ignored the letters and instead publicly rejected del Ponte’s claims as unsubstantiated. On 5 May 2008 the Human Rights Watch called the allegations from Del Ponte’s book “serious and credible” and issued a public call to Tirana and Pristina for cooperation.

The reported alleges the victims were more than 400 Serbs missing from the war. “Serious and credible allegations have emerged about horrible abuses in Kosovo and Albania after the war,” said Fred Abrahams, HWR Senior emergencies researcher of HRW.


“ According to the journalists’ information, the abducted individuals were held in warehouses and other buildings, including facilities in Kukes and Tropoje. In comparison to other captives, some of the sources said, some of the younger, healthier detainees were fed, examined by doctors, and never beaten. These abducted individuals – an unknown number – were allegedly transferred to a yellow house in or around the Albanian town of Burrel, where doctors extracted the captives’ internal organs. These organs were then transported out of Albania via the airport near the capital Tirana. Most of the alleged victims were Serbs who went missing after the arrival of UN and NATO forces in Kosovo. But other captives were women from Kosovo, Albania, Russia, and other Slavic countries. ”

In December 14th 2010, Dick Marty, Rapporteur of EU Commission pass for adoption to the Council of Europe a report on allegations of inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo organized by KLA leader and Kosovo Prime minister Hashim Thaçi. An official report accusing Kosovo’s prime minister of links to a “mafia-like” network that killed captives in order to sell their organs on the black market was yesterday endorsed by a Council of Europe committee.

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  1. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

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  3. This is lie lie and lie again! for transplantation needs a regulary hospital not a house like that, so plzzz bad propaganda!

    Kosova is Albania!

    1. Ur an ignorant idiot just like rest of ur kind. hitler should have murdered u instead of poor jews. lowest race on earth ur usless and should be all kiled for taking air of people whos lifes are worth of something (unlike urs)

    2. You only need basic knowledge of anatomy and surgery to cut open a living being and isolate an organ you wish to extract. The environment doesn’t have to be sterile, because you don’t care about the well-being of your patient; the internal organs are primarily sterile (meaning there is no bacteria there), but the human skin is not. If you employ basic rules of working in aseptic conditions, disinfect the area of the skin through which you will approach the organ you wish to harvest, and use the correct method of preserving it’s arterial and venous blood vessels, you can get the organ pretty easily. Put it in a sterile and properly cooled container and it’s good to go. The black market for organ traficking exist all over the world (especially in third-world countries), and the operations are rarely if ever being done in hospital conditions (like I said, they only care about the organ you’re giving them, not you).

      Stop saying it was impossible, you are embarassing yourself because you clearly lack any knowledge about medicine. It did hapen and the perpetrators need to punished.

      1. So you’re here to claim that it happened very persuasive i might addd, much less about how the procedure goes through. Well, again I say it did not happen… So how will you prove that it did, please support your claim with truth and clarity. Keep any B.S. you have to yourself.

    3. NO one is speaking about organ transplantation, that the Albanians are just unable to do, but about organ stealing in which they are professionals and you do not need much to have as equipment. As all Muslims butcheries slitting a human victim does not make any moral problem to them. Your place is not in Europe and I hope your application to EU will be rejected and thrown away to the garbage where your place is. As you know your nation well you know that they are able to do the most nasty crimes and they proved it already numerous time.

  4. Great example of how Serbia is manipulating the world with few failed, corrupt and so called officials. Just another way of covering up all atrocities done during the fall of Yugoslavia, (Croatia, Bosnia & Kosova) putting blame on everyone else but themselves.

    1. And what atrocities is the Bosnian government committing today? Why haven’t all people been exumed and properly buried in Srebrenica. For a few political points, even after 20 years? You have a couple hundred crooked politicians (including scumbag Klinton family), shouting in your defense for every killed or exiled Serb. I’ll remind you that that Croatians and Bosnian Muslims joined Hitler and killed Serbs, Jewish and Roma population, and never answered for these crimes in WW2. Albanian Muslims killed Serbian starving, fleeing army from the back when they were withdrawing to Krf and Solun (Tesaloniki) during World War 1. And above all Albania and Kosovo are now prime packaging industries and smuggling routs for Heroin, Opium, Cocaine and other illegal opiates to European Union Countries through Montenegro and Italy. I almost forgot the slave (prostitute) trading routes going through here from Moldavia, Romania, Albania, Lithuania and other poor countries.

  5. Interesting. I did not know that you could perform such complex organ transplantation in a primitive environment. Now I have heard of everything.

    1. Well, you can, but you have to put the organ in a sterile, cool container to stop contamination from and the growth of bacteria. On the other hand, the patient is not very likely to survive. Oh wait, I guess that wasn’t really a big issue there.

  6. Wow!! Instead of writing about all these thousands of thousands of bosnjian and albanian people who were murdered by the serbian army.. the women and their daughters that were raped by them, the young childs who were killed without mercy… People like this Del Ponte are becoming the tool of the serbian propaganda for few Dollars. unbelievable!
    Kosova ishte, eshte dhe do te jet gjithmone Shqipetare.

    1. You Albanians are nothing more barbaric just like those other albanian users in here your now faking and making up BS as you go along, you Albanians murdered women, children, man and there families in cold blood at the Yellow house and elsewhere in Kosovo while those victims were being alive, were screaming in pain.

      You Albanians are nothing but savages and barbarians.

      “People like this Del Ponte are becoming the tool of the serbian propaganda for few Dollars. unbelievable!”
      Whats the matter little NATO Sniffing dog? scared of the truth?

      1. You sir clearly are biased, I am an Albanian Physician who has had the privilege and honor of serving all kinds of patients including Serbians and other related Slavic Populations, never in the world I was seen as a savage nor did I see them as such while caring for them, it is people like you and other Albanians who bark with no facts what so ever that spread hate and troll online like they have all the information. Let me tell you something, while I am not excluding this for happening, it is the highest of officials responsible for such atrocities including all kinds of Mediterranean countries and west also that give the order for such things to happen. No villager in Rripe or anywhere else in poor territories would have the mean, knowledge or the brains to carry out such operations, stop calling names and pointing fingers in a whole nationality because I can reassure you that if true 99% of Albanians would not be involved in such crimes. Crime has no country, no language of its own but crime itself and it doesn’t care if you are Albanian, Serb, Greek, Italian,English, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever you might be.

      2. We can only agree with Dr. E, whichever nationality we are. unfortunately only a few men are enough intelligent to write these words. I would just point also at the responsibility of the rich west European clients which permitted the development of such nasty business, due to their desire to live longer they are able to make kill other humans….

  7. Great blog. Thanks for keeping it up to date. I was fascinated to find out how many Serbians remained in Kosovo. Although we’ve been told many times about Serbian ethnic cleansing, now we can actually see that it was pretty much other way around. Numbers show more then words sometimes.

    The story of the “bloody yellow house” is a true horror, and I hope that everyone responsible will be brought to justice.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. It is too bad that the media turned a blind eye to atrocities committed by Albanians even before the war. This was just a part of the terrorism that happened to Serbians. Just how much does media affect the public’s mind? Take some courses and read about sensationalism.

    1. You must stop using Serbian inventions like Tesla AC power, hidroelectric plants, radio of any kind, radars, computers for which Tesla invented logic and gate, fluorescent lights… and when i brake you for being a fachist murderer no xrays, Tesla first made those too. Also long distance analog phone you will have to use without radio and digital is Pupin’s, theory of global warming is based on Milankovic theory of insolation, but as far as you are concerned, there is no global warming and raping and murdering kids to take their organs is your american passtime. You really are brothers of albanians, Tesla should have applied to Russia and left all of you western murdering brothers of Albanians and other Al Qaida terrorists in the steam and stone age where you genocidal murdering retards belong.
      Serbian kids burned alive? Adress please.
      You already did that, and are doing it all over the world to millions of people, and stop raping yours, you don’t have to make him punish you, just confess your evil doings here, relatives of those you killed will punish you. What you wrote here, do it to your own family and nation.
      Facts are proven and proof was destroyed by tribunal. Yet there are more proofs.

      1. I will stop using Serbian inventions when the idiotic propoganda of your former federation leaves your mind. Where in the world could a bunch of Slavic orthodox claim that a bunch of Albanian Muslims were part of their nation. You wanted Kosovo, now you got all of us. You think we were done with just Milosevic dying like a dirty dog in prison. Not done yet! You raped, pillaged, murdered Albanians for decades in Kosovo, until we decided it was enough and that we would not take it anymore. You and your asinine idiotic beliefs of the Teslas of the world got you saying things that you don’t even understand, let alone could prove. I would love to see you tremble with fear under the barrel of an AK and see in your eyes the moment when you understand how wrong you were when you abused my people. I would not kill you, death would be salvation to a coward like you. But live the rest of your life knowing that I exist, that I look for you every day of my life, that so does my brother, my friend, my son and every one around me. Know that I am hunting you every day and while you are thriving in your Serbian pride (if that’s what you want to call it), at some point, you and the memory of your ancestors will be just another page in a history book sitting on my shelf. You are expendable and nobody would ever miss you, PRICK!

  9. fabio says:
    January 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    serbia must be destroyed..serbian kids burned alive and serbian women fucked hard…gypsies of shit…
    This comment shows a true face of albanians, people who are hiding behind NATO and instead of being quiet after it they are bragging that they are the one who won the war, not NATO & US. If there was same rules for everyone after break out of SFR Yugoslavia, there wouldn’t be any war. Why would croats had right to set free from Yugoslavia, and 500k serbs who lived in croatia didn’t have a right to vote about it, later serbs were ethnically cleansed from croatia, and no one was blamed for that. Gotovina got released. shame.
    Same story for Bosnia, serbs did commit crimes in Srebrenica, but muslims killed almost the same number of people (serbian nationality) in villages around srebrenica in first few years of war, that was just pay back , and yes it was a mistake, and we should never done that. But still why would bosnians had right to separate from Yugoslavia and more than 1 million Serbs who lived in bosnia before the war couldn’t have the right to stay in it. NATO and west are guilty for all victims who lost their lives in this war, you can’t threat two sides differently when you have to threat them equally. If they did that, there wouldn’t be any war, and any victims. And about Kosovo and Metohija, that’s serbian territory, if Tito didn’t forbid serbs who wanted to come back to Kosovo in 60s and 70s and plus who was calling albanians from albania to come to kosovo, and they surely did. cause situation in kosovo was 10 time better then in communist albania.

    1. You sound like a reasonable guy. Tell me more about this Kosovo being serbian territory. How did that come about? I will agree with you, Tito was a reasonable leader and our communist leader at the time was nothing short of an abomination. But history runs longer than 45 years. And Kosovo did not uprise against Tito, it is Milosevic who thought genocide was a good idea and it is an unfortunate thing that the coward died in prison and not eaten alive by the wolves of Mitrovica. But that’s another story.

  10. -Croatia, Jasenovac dead camp in 1941-1945 year (croatians ustasa killed 900.000 Serbs -real number), archives of the nazi SS was announced that Jasenovac was worse than hell itself.
    – Bratunac and Srebrenica cities in Bosnian war (Muslims started to kill Serbs first, 4.000 Serbs dead).
    – Croatia in 1990 year (serbian minority eliminated from the croatian constitution, Croatians banished 300.000 Serbs from their homes).
    – NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 year (2.500 dead Serbs, war damage 10 billions dollars)
    – Yellow house in north Albania in 1999 year (UCK Albanian terrorists killed Serbs and other non-Albanians on Kosovo, also they transported civilians to that Albanian house of horror).

    Ex Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic rejected the stationing of U.S. troops in Yugoslavia. Becuase that U.S.A initiated the conflict in ex Yugoslavia, thanks to the U.S.A Yugoslavia had wars. Today U.S.A have what they wanted, a biggest U.S military base in world (Bondsteel camp on kosovo).

    1. When did your beloved leader of Yugoslavia start the genocide in Kosovo? Were you even alive back then? Serbians tend to suffer from revised history syndrome. Learn your history before you relive it. And in the alternative, if everybody in the world hates Serbia, maybe there is a good reason for it … think about it.

      1. “When did your beloved leader of Yugoslavia start the genocide in Kosovo?”
        Let me correct you there NATO Terrorist sympathizer.

        When did your your beloved leaders of NATO, KLA and the Albanian gov start the genocide in Kosovo agaisnt the Christians?

        “if everybody in the world hates Serbia, maybe there is a good reason for it … think about it.”

        Everybody in the world hates Serbia? really? says whom an Anonymous Albanian user desperately defending your beloved terrorists whom have committed the real genocide in Kosovo.

        While by living under the protection of the terrorist NATO.

        By the way Albanian Filth Do you know that
        Everybody in the world hates America and Albania? there is an actually good reason for that.

        ” Serbians tend to suffer from revised history syndrome. ”
        Ah yes revised history syndrome the usual defense line when debating.

    2. Bull Shit… 42-52,000 Serbs were killed in jasenovac camp. The total killed was around 100,000 including Serbs, Jews, Roma, dissident Croats, and Bosnian Muslim’s. Stop inflating numbers. Just saying ” real number” doesn’t make it the truth. Fact is that there was a study done, a missing persons research from before and after, and the total was only around 85,000. Captain Tucovic said once “We have carried out the attempted premeditated murder of an entire nation. We were caught in that criminal act and have been obstructed. Now we have to suffer the punishment…. In the Balkan Wars, Serbia not only doubled its territory, but also its external enemies.” Yet you still make it seem as if y’all aren’t guilty when serbian generals and capitains alike have admitted to atrocities. Fact- Serbs have performed multiple genocide of different people. Opinion – Kosovo is Serbia. Truth is Kosovo is Kosovo. Truth is Serbia is Serbia. Truth is way more Albanians live and have lived in Kosovo even before the displacement of your kind.

  11. That is very fascinating, You’re an overly professional blogger. I’ve
    joined your feed and stay up for in the hunt for more of your wonderful
    post. Additionally, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

  12. How can this stupid Europe keep up with such nonsense brought up by Del Ponte? Forget this nonsense and go back to normality. Kosovo is to it where it belongs.

  13. ΚΑΤΑΘΕΣΕΙΣ- ΣΟΚ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΠΟΥ ΜΕΤΑΦΕΡΘΗΚΑΝ ΣΕ ΚΛΙΝΙΚΗ ΤΗΣ ΑΛΒΑΝΙΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΓΙΝΑΝ «ΑΝΤΑΛΛΑΚΤΙΚΑ». – shocking testimonies about children who were carried to a clinic in albania and became spare parts…..

    the text is in greek as it concerns children from greece and the children are kidnapped in greece. this didn’t happen centuries ago. it is happening. maybe even now as we discuss the issue here. think about it….

  14. i´ve heard about it some years ago and i believe it, unfortunately. As i have had personal experiences with butchers from Kosovo who live now in my country-in Germany- and are bragging about their past crimes done on the Serbs. They are so stupid that they confess and admit all what they´ve done. And yet so proud of it. I felt nauseatic when i had to listen to their sh.t. Evil, evil to the bones. And barbaric. They way they treat their own families here (their wives scared to death of them…) is a clear sign of how they treat their enemies. Well, many bad and wrong things happened in former Yugoslavia, Serbs aren´t saint too, of course, and they did many bad things but they definitely weren´t the only ones. And- i am pure German, so i really am trying to be objective. But that´s the matter of fact, these are things i´ve heard personally and saw with my own eyes. Butchers from Kosovo. Nothing else they are.

  15. Albanian Shqiptar are mänschliche garbage Europe’s only rape, murder, drugs, kidnapping, prostitution can and nothing else. This is the most primitive ethnic group there is!

    1. You are talking abut gangs and mafia, not for real Albanians, in our church I don’t see anything like these, in our parish are all Greeks, Albanians,Russians, Ukrainians, Serbians , but we all are Christians. Every Sunday is so nice and peaceful. My friend we have to move on. I don’t know what to tell you, but one thing I can tell to my people to my Albanians ” go and do the same thing your national hero Skanderbeg did 600 years ago, be a Christian and believe in God .
      So Mr. Travel, stop speaking for Albanians, we are not like that.
      I believe that, the crime at The Yellow House is true, I believe so too, you need two sterile bags some ice and a cooler , just prep the skin with betadine. Are a lot of monsters all over the world, are in Albania too, and I agree , but they are criminals.
      Don’t be hateful, just see the reality as it is ,

  16. Stop this stupid propaganda you sick animals. You wanna equate the crimes of criminal Yugoslavians with Albanian people. You re trying like dogs and maggots all these years by paying people to talk b^llshits and find proves against Albanians but you always fail with your disgusting faiytales. More than 10000 Albanians, men, women(old and young), boys, girls were murdered in concentration camps by the Yugoslavian dictator and paramilitary groups. Serbian mafia was the one that kidnapped people during the war and used them for trafick. Thousands of Albanian women and girls were raped by Yugoslavian nationalists and groups. You claim that in Albania organ transplants took place ? During that time EVEN in Tirana there wasnt a hospital for such procedure. You say that a house in a small village of Albania where even electric current and clean water didn exist, was used as a clinic for organ transplant? How the f^ck an Albanian villager or citizen of that time would REMOVE IN A PROFESIONAL WAY the organs of someone, keep them in a good condition and then transport them again in a profesional way to other destinations. The Albanian doctors of that time could BARELY perform a surgery of broken hand or leg and you say that they knew how to transplant Vital organs ? All these are lies ! The stupid “proves” they have found are made up and no serious court have taken it seriously, otherwise there would ve been dozens imprisonations and HUNDREDS of arrests. We Albanians laugh with these silly arguments but you wanna create a bad image about us in international world. Enough with this disgusting made-up story because you look even more ridiculous than you are.

  17. Well I am not a Serb nor Albanian and I live very far away from all you. But what can I see clearly is – Albania and Kosovo is a black hole of Europe, poor and savage place with very huge numbers of crime, corruption and other atrocities. I hope my country will never approve you in EU as I see a lot of your people are in our prisons because of doing so big shit that even our criminals are shocked. I truly believe this investigation as it is held by European democratic countries and no matter how much atrocities Serbs done to others, NONE OF YOU are angels and I don’t believe that one side is more good than other. But in favor of Serbs is speaking that I don’t see their mafia, criminals in my city or my country, but every day I see news about Albanian mafia and criminals. So in the end I am going to conclusion, that I have more sympathies to Serbs.

  18. It is possible to harvest organs in the environment that existed in the Yellow house as was evidenced in a CNN documentary “death in the desert”.

  19. This is little bit history about Serbs.

    Slavs formed Sklavinia beginning in the 6th century, out of which the First Serbian Principality of the Vlastimirovići emerged. It evolved into a Grand Principality by the 11th century, and in 1217, the Kingdom and national church (Serbian Orthodox Church) were established, under the Nemanjići.

    This is history about Albanians.

    The ambassadors of six Great Powers met again on 29 July 1913 and decided to constitute a new state, Albania, as a constitutional monarchy. Finally, with the Treaty of Bucharest being signed in August 1913 a new independent state was established—the Principality of Albania.

    So to make it clear Serbs exist, as a country 7 centuries before Albanians, on that territory, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro. And now Albanians will tell us and to the rest of the world whose this territory, and what they are fighting for! Well for those who feel the truth is boring, I will make it simple, Albanians they were migrating from Albania not only in Serbia, but in the Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. And they were accepted, offered place to live.
    So they come to your house hungry, sick, you offered them new clothes, food, until you heal them, and you give them one room, after they get healed you said ok, now its time for you to leave, but they said NO, and plus they said, this room is not yours, its now mine! Well thats not possible. So this is just simplified story of Albanians.

    Now little bit about the first world war:

    British Empire British Empire
    United Kingdom
    British India
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    Russia (1914–17)
    Italy (1915–18)
    United States (1917–18)[a]
    Romania (1916–18)
    Greece (1917–18)
    Portugal (1916–18)
    this was a good side, and as you can see Serbia is written there.
    The Secon World War 2:

    Australia Belgium Brazil Canada China Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark Ethiopia Lapland War against Germany (1944–45) France Free France (from June 1940) Greece India Italy (from September 1943) Campaign Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines (Commonwealth) Poland South Africa Southern Rhodesia Soviet Union United Kingdom United States Puerto Rico Serbia. Again Serbia is there, where it was Albania..

    We never had terrorist, but you can find Al Qaida was involved in Kosovo and in Albania, of course not on Serbian side. Plus now western journalist, not Serbian, finding connection of Albanians with new Islamic terrorists, called Isis in Albania and Kosovo.

    So conclusion is that from their very begging till the present days, i mean Albanians, there is no history which telling us they are, or they were good.

    1. what do you know about history you idiot, albanians ,illyric people existed since in ancient greek period,( the hellens) before any slavic population existed, do not consult your history knowledge on wikipedia and come here to do the smart guy.

  20. Your all just puppets for the biggest giver of dollars and as such you should stop crying and whinging and try to remember that before religion and race, we are humans . I believe that the hardest thing to own up to is that we have all been conned and manipulated for someone else ‘s greed and they will continue to do so

  21. So the UN has Guesstimated the total number of people killed was from 100 – 300 people. All though these acts are atrocious, they are nowhere near the numbers caused by Serbs

    1. In actuality those numbers were literally just thrown out there. In 2010, Dick Marti called for an investigation for only a handful of people that this might’ve been done to but subsided his claim since he had no proof after year long investigation. You’d think that after a year they’d at least find some proof… Right?

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