” Yellow house” documents destroyed in The Hague

BELGRADE — War Crimes Prosecution spokesman Bruno Vekarić says that documents related to the “yellow house” case were destroyed in The Hague.

He told B92 that all the new findings regarding the case had been given to the Council of Europe. The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution asked UNMIK for information on the investigation regarding missing Serbs.

Vekarić said that UNMIK had claimed that no investigation had ever been conducted, which the Serbian prosecution had, through various sources, established as being a lie.

“I can document that after the beginning of our investigation on April 22, 2008, we asked UNMIK for information on human organ trafficking. We received an answer on June 6, 2008 that they had not knowledge whatsoever. We then found an informal report from which it is clear that an investigation was conducted,” Vekarić said.

The War Crimes Prosecution will continue its investigation into the mass killings of Serbs and human organ trafficking in northern Albania.

The prosecution states that some of the evidence was taken to The Hague, including a medical container suspected of having been used during operations.

“We have information that it ended up in The Hague, which you can see from this signature here. This was signed by a credible person, who was a Hague Tribunal investigator at the time. According to this, the documents were destroyed in The Hague once the investigation was complete-that material was no longer any use to them,” Vekarić explained.

The spokesman said that the fact that the evidence had been destroyed did not matter so much, because the documentation had been kept safe. Vekarić claims that Hague Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz is prepared to help with the investigation.


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