Illegal Organ Transplantation Clinic Connected with KLA Atrocities

According to the Belgrade media reports, the investigation of the illegal kidney transplantation in Priština had led to an arrest of an Albanian urologist Lutfi Dervishi, suspected of harvesting the organs for sale from Kosovo Serbs kidnapped by the terrorist KLA (UCK) in the immediate aftermath of NATO bombardment and occupation of southern Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province.

One witness in the investigation into the trafficking of organs of Serb prisoners from Kosovo in 1998, mentioned Dervishi’s name in regards to the case, according to Blic.

“The witness told Serbian war crimes prosecutors that he saw Doctor Lutfi Dervishi at locations where it was suspected that organs had been extracted from civilian prisoners and sold later,” Blic’s source stated.

“He was now arrested with a scalpel in his hand, and it’s obvious that they have continued doing what they started doing to the kidnapped in 1998,” the source said.

Dervishi’s brother Arban — “menager” of the private ambulance “Medicus” where the illegal transplantation had taken place, and urologist Tun Pervorfaj were also arrested, along with Lutfi. They are accused of organizing and conducting illegal transplantation of a kidney a Turkish citizen had allegedly sold to a man from Israel.

Butcher Dervishi on the right
Kosovo Albanian urologist Lutfi Dervishi (L), suspected of involvement in the KLA atrocities of extracting the vital organs of the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, received humanitarian aid from Germany in 2005

The ambulance was found after the local police questioned a Turkish citizen who aroused their suspicion because he said he arrived to Kosovo province for medical treatment, but had no money.

“He came on October 31 with a letter from his doctor stating that he would be treated for heart problems in Kosovo. A routine check at the airport confirmed that he had no money, which aroused police suspicions. He only had that doctor’s note and he looked suspicious. The police were waiting for him at the airport two days ago as he was heading home,” KPS officials said.

They added that the suspect was “visibly exhausted” when he arrived at the airport to catch a flight back to Istanbul.

The suspect was arrested, after which it was confirmed his kidney was removed.

“During the interrogation it was established he had a surgery in the meantime. He confirmed that, and said the surgery was performed in the “Medicus” ambulance. Further investigation determined the Israeli citizen arrived to Priština probably upon the engagement of Arben Dervishi, the manager of the clinic, where he had a transplantation surgery after the kidney was taken from the Turkish citizen,” KPS official said.

He added that “Medicus” is not registered for surgical interventions, but only for the standard stationary urological examinations. Drugs found at the ambulance had been long expired. A number of plastic bags with blood from the unknown sources, bearing no identification, were also found. It has been established that several other people have also been arrested in the operation.

Large Number of Kosovo Albanians and Albanian Government Officials Suspected of Involvement in the Atrocious Organ-Trafficking Chain

KPS spokesman did not want to comment on Dervishi’s ties to the KLA trafficking organs carved from the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, but said that international officials were involved in the investigation and that they would follow on the suspicions that a large number of Kosovo-Metohija Albanians are presently involved in the illegal organ trafficking.

According to the reports, in Kosovo and Metohija the illegal sale and transplantation of organs is flourishing since NATO occupied Serbian province in 1999. The local police representative stated there is sufficient evidence pointing to an international chain of criminals who were using the shady private clinics in Kosovo province for organ transplants.

It was also announced that police is searching for the third doctor of Turkish nationality, Jusuf Erchin Sonmez, who performed an illegal operation and was assisted by the Priština Albanians in the Medicus ambulance. Erchin Sonmez, who is banned from medical practice in Turkey, had arranged with Medicus owner Arben Dervishi to have transplantations performed in Priština and, in the last case, he had also found a donor in Turkey.

The price Israeli had payed for the kidney transplant from a Turkish donor was €80,000, of which €20,000 went to a 23-year-old Turk who sold his kidney, and the remaining €60,000 were divided between the “doctors” and the clinic owner.

A “State” Built on Sheer Horror

The Serbian war crimes prosecution has uncovered a psychiatric hospital in Burrel in Albania where the doctors working for the terrorist KLA were extracting organs from the Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohija for sale to the wealthy Western patients, between 1998 and mid-2001.

Bodies of the victims were then dumped in the swamp near Tropoje and in the shaft of a deserted mine Deva, also in Albania.

Psychiatric hospital in Burrel was marked “Prison 320″, and the grim “yellow house”, mentioned in the book “The Hunt, Me and War Criminals” by the Hague’s former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, is situated nearby.

For the investigation of the Serbian prosecution, quite significant is also a testimony of the two Serbs B.M. and Š.D., who were kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohija on April 15, 1999, and then transported to the concentration camp near Tropoje in Albania. They were both freed by the International Red Cross Committee and returned to Serbia through Germany, on May 18 the same year.

In addition, Serbian prosecution is in possession of the statements by a number of eyewitnesses and participants, including the KLA members, who reveal how and where exactly were the kidnapped civilians transported. People forcefully mobilized by the terrorist UCK have told Serbian investigators the names of the KLA leaders who were transporting the victims. Nasim Haradinaj, brother of the war criminal Ramush Haradinaj is also among them, as well as Gjymshti Krasniqi, a highly ranked KLA terrorist who was pointed at by the witnesses as a “leader of the group for liquidations, kidnappings and arm smuggling from Albania”.

War crimes prosecution had also uncovered that in March 2001 forty patients from the psychiatric hospital in Kosovo-Metohian town of Štimlje were transported in a van across the border crossing Vrbnica, from Serbia to Albania. That is where all traces to these unfortunate patients are lost, and their fate remains unknown to this day.

Albania’s government representatives have recently declined Serbian prosecution’s request for cooperation, as it was determined that current Albanian Premier Sali Berisha has close ties to former KLA commander, war criminal Ramush Haradinaj, and that his family was also involved in the atrocious sale of organs harvested from the kidnapped Kosovo and Metohija civilians.



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