Mass grave has been found near the “yellow house”

BELGRADE — Daily Blic writes that a mass grave containing bodies of organ harvesting victims has been found near the “yellow house” where operations supposedly took place.

“The location of the grave site was marked in a UN report from 2004 which has not been officially given to the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution. The prosecution gained access to this part of the report through unofficial channels even though it has asked the UN for the full report on many occasions,” the daily’s source said.

“There are suspicions that the grave, which is located on a field close to a cement factory near the village of Burrel, contains the bodies of Serbs, Roma and disloyal Albanians that the Kosovo Liberation Army, with the cooperation of the Albanian government, took to a psychiatric hospital in Burrel, where their organs were harvested for sale,” the source states.

The UN forensic report contains a photograph of the cement factory and the field, together with detailed evidence found in the yellow house.

Surgical instruments and medicine were found in the house. The UN forensic scientists photographed the evidence and included them in the report.


“Blic”, Serbia daily newspaper


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