Bernard Kouchner Involved In Albanian Organ Market

Milijana Mitrovic, who was close to the Albanian businessman and saw death camps, says organs were not taken from Serbs exclusively.

Milijana Mitrovic was one of Carla del Ponte`s sources for information on death camps in which organs were taken from people, the Kurir daily writes. Reuters-.–.-She claimed Albania is not only a Serbian “blue tomb”, but organs were taken from Romanians, Greeks, Montenegrins, Russians and Arabs as well. The very Albanian political top was in on it, along with KFOR and UNMIK representatives. Among other things, Mitrovic claimed that thanks to the fact she was close to an influential Albanian businessman, she had the opportunity to see the camps and find out a lot about the crimes. When she decided to speak out on organ trade in 2002, nobody would listen. She received threats and the police questioned and bullied her. Organs taken from prostitutes – The Albanians brought in prostitutes from various countries who entertained UNMIK and KFOR members and when they were no longer necessary, they were taken to Albania and their organs were removed. The camps were stationed in Kukes, Elbasan, Fljora and Drac, while “the yellow house”, where the organs were extracted, was in Tirana – Milijana told the Kurir paper. Serbs taken to foreign army basesReuters-.–.- She also said the healthiest of Serbian men up to the age of 45 were taken to army bases in Germany and Italy. She is not sure what exactly happened to them, but she says there are indications they served as guinea pigs. – Whoever tried to escape would end up under a knife. Former and current Albanian prime ministers Sali Berisa and Fatos Nano were involved, with the blessing of Bernard Kouchner, French Foreign Affairs Minister and former UNMIK head. Other involved parties included Hashim Thaqi, Halim Omer Osmani and Ramus Haradini – Mitrovic counted. She claimed that politicians, mostly of the Serbian opposition, tried to raise funds to find abducted Serbs in 2001 and 2002 and the money was handed over to a Kosovo Albanian through a CIA colonel. The Albanian was killed in the end. Simo Spasic, president of the Abducted Kosmet Civilians, Soldiers and Police Officers` Association said Milijana Mitrovic told them her information several years back, but they could not believe her at the time.

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