Testimony made on Albanian organ trade

Source: “Serbianna”

Former Albanian fighter with the terrorist group, the Kosovo Liberation Army or the KLA, says that the organs of kidnapped Serbs were pulled out not only in Albania but also in the sea, in northern Italy, north Africa and Middle East.

The witness referred to as I.T. testified that he personally transferred a group of kidnapped Serbs to Tirana and Drac, in Albania, so their organs could be taken out.

Once there, the witness says, “general” human traders loaded them in the ships that sailed into the international waters in the Adriatic.

Once in the international water, doctors, mostly from the western countries, “took them apart” as the KLA members refer to such operations.


The Albanian witness says that he was responsible for numerous kidnappings of Serbs for purposes of taking them apart.

The witness said that in 1999 he led two trucks that drove from Kosovo, via Pastrk, to Tropoje and Peskopi in Albania.

One truck was loaded with corpses of murdered Serb civilians and the other contained live Serbs that were suppose to be taken apart.

The witness says that his commanders for such operations were Daut Haradinaj, Sami Ljusaku and Jakup Krasniqi.

Daut is a relative of the KLA commanded Ramush Haradinaj who was once a so-called prime minister of Kosovo.

Jakup Krasniqi is a leader in the current Kosovo separatist government.

Another Albanian witness, who was held in concentration camp in Lapusik, says that Krasniqi and Hashim Thaci, current so-called prime minister of Kosovo, personally took part in torture of the prisoners.

The witness says that he saw them kill the prisoners there.

The witness says that the KLA was aided by Jihadis from the Middle East.

Some other KLA members involved in removal of corpses say that several Serbian solders were, after torture, taken apart in Kukes and their remains buried in the city cemetery.

They say that other captured Serb soldiers ended up in the hospitals in Valona until a buyer of an organ made an order.

The evidence suggests that an Albanian organ trade started in 1998 when Serbs from Balacevac were kidnapped.

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