EULEX ready to reveal truth about ‘yellow house’


Tiran, (MIA) –  Yves De Kermabon, Chief of the EU Mission to Kosovo (EULEX), expressed readiness yesterday in Tirana for revealing the truth related to allegation of former Hague Tribunal Prosecutor Carla del Ponte on trafficking in human organs during the Kosovo war in 1999, MIA’s correspondent reports.

– We are ready to reveal the truth, Kermabon said at joint press conference with Albanian Justice Minister Enkelejd Alibeaj.

Albanian authorities refute the accusations on existence of the so-called ‘yellow house’ in northern part of the country,  were Serbs where allegedly stripped of their organs during the conflict as part of an organ trafficking operation.

Serbian War Crime Prosecution Spokesperson Bruno Vekaric stated yesterday that the investigation was under way relating to the allegations of a surgery room existing in the ‘yellow house’ in northern Albania, where organs were extracted from the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, and it is yet to be established what was going on there.

– We have evidence of a surgery room being set in that house.  The UNMIK report that the Serbian bodies have obtained says that the UN Mission investigators have found several penicillin bottles there, Vekaric said.

The UN investigators and Serbian Prosecution Office have been suspecting KLA members for the kidnappings of Serbs and trade with their body organs in the black market.

Ponte has written in her book that the Tribunal had got the information about Kosovo Albanians transferring about 100 to 300 people to northern Albania, after NATO arrival to the province in 1999.

UN launched an investigation five years ago and found various medical supplies in the above mentioned house. However all of the eight witnesses Ponte quotes in her book have vanished in the meantime.

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