B92 team wins award for “yellow house” documentary

TV B92’s Reaction team has won an investigative journalism award, presented by the U.S. embassy and the NUNS, to mark world media day.

The team of Jelena Veljković, Radoslavka Despotović, Jasmina Pašič and Sandra Mandić received the award for their program, “The Secret of the Yellow House“. 

This award for excellence in investigative journalism goes to both experienced and young TV, radio and print media journalists in Serbia. 

23 journalists from written and electronic media, with contributions in the form of reports, interviews, articles and reportages, were in the running for the award. 

U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter said that independent media helped uncover abuses of office, fought corruption, called into question existing norms and ensured a healthy climate,“ adding that without free media there was no democracy. 

“Last year showed that the impact of the world economic crisis reflected on the media too, in terms of reduced advertising revenue and serious problems in paying off debts. Many media companies were compelled to make radical cuts and downsize their program schedule,“ said Munter. 

“Media in Serbia find themselves in the same position as media the world over. In these difficult times, we must bear in mind that success depends on the quality of management personnel and that only the strongest will survive on the market. I’m impressed by the media picture in Serbia, which is lively and very complex,“ the ambassador added. 

The winning program, “The Secret of the Yellow House“, focused on former Hague Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s claims of organ harvesting in Albania, during and after the conflict in Kosovo. 

Radoslavka Despotović and Jelena Veljković were the first team of journalists from Serbia to visit the so-called yellow house in northern Albania.

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