8 Countries Where Human Organs Are Harvested

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It is a well known fact that humans have an instinctive ability to strive for survival especially if you’re dying from organ failure. Imagine if you could afford $10,000(China) for a kidney instead of waiting in line at the hospital; you’d most likely head to China as soon as possible before you kick the bucket.

This is an issued that China, Brazil, India and many countries live with everyday. The industry has grown and can only keep growing as more and more people fall into the sick and desperate situation where selling or buying organs becomes a need. Theprices of human organs vary from country to country however the most disturbing news is that people are being scammed and murdered for their organs.

#8 Kosovo

Kosovo is known for human trafficking and organ harvesting. In 1999 after the Kosovo war, new evidence claims that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) abducted 400 Kosovo residents, mostly Serbs, and illegally harvested their organs before killed them.

These allegations were sourced from Carla del Ponte, a former chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia. However Carla del Ponte withheld information about this war crime for many years due to the lack of evidence.

#7 Mozambique

photo by: john maier

Mozambique south of Africa, is believed to be one of the main countries where organ trafficking existed. Here the most common organ for sale is the human kidney, mainly used in transplants however there are a few cases involving witchcraft use.

The law in South Africa forbids the sale of organs (‘The Human Tissue Act of 1983’) however it has given special authority to hospital’s medical directors and pathologist. This allows the removal of organs from unknown person(s) or from unclaimed bodies for medical use. This is believed to be the source of most organ trafficking.

South Africa has been famous for murder related organ trafficking however the largestorgan trafficking ring has been caught.

#6 Israel / Palestine

Being called the holy land for the birth place of Jesus, Israel has seen countless carnage, war and poverty. It is also a place where organ trafficking takes place often. Up till a few months ago Israel did not have any proper laws to prevent organ trafficking.

There are strict laws to prevent human trafficking in Israel however the law on organ trafficking is not solid enough and thus the trafficking of organs continues.

The Israeli organ transplanting ring, have been persuading desperate organ sellers from Israel to have their organs removed in Ukraine where the laws are less strict. In some cases these criminals are stealing organs and leaving their donors with nothing, or they are paying very little ($2,000) for a kidney while they sell them to buyers for at least 10-20 times the amount. The organ trafficking ring has been caught thanks to a gun battle by unpaid organ donors who were promised money but ended up in a scam.

It was reported that Dr. Zaki Shapira, a chef of transplantation at the Beilinson Medical Center who’s also the head of a highly profitable organ transplanting ring. Dr. Zaki Shapira was arrested (video).

#5 India

Organ trafficking rings have been running in India for the past 12 years. Among these, was the famous 2004 scandal. It was reported that the Transplant Authorization Committee in charge of preventing organ selling was working with brokers in the sale of kidneys. They believed that they could save lives and it was better to work with the brokers rather than oppose them.

Many brokers, hospitals and doctors have been caught in India the latest being Amit Kumar. However the selling of kidneys is still on the rise in India despite all the scandals and rings exposed. Many still open shops in the illicit hunt for kidneys.

#4 Pakistan

With the abundance of poverty, Pakistan truly has a big problem on their hands. Most people find it hard to make money let alone pay off they’re debts. The only valuable assets these Pakistanis have are their kidneys which have been priced at around $3,000.

In 1994 Pakistan passed “Transplantation of Human Organs Act”. However there are many problems in this act that allow non-relatives to donate organs and receive some kind of compensation for it.

Selling your organs is illegal in Pakistan however some loopholes allow many shady people to perform illicit trades. Watch this documentary from SBS Australia.

#3 Egypt

Egypt has no current laws to prevent organ harvesters. In fact there’s been 500 unlicensed kidney transplant reported each year but evidence indicates that this figure is generous. There is much poverty in Egypt and where there’s poverty there’s organ brokers.

Organ traffickers span as far as Europe in the hopes to find many victims to buy organs from and bring them back to Egypt. What makes Egypt unique to other countries is that the law does not punish organ harvesters. The law is still being discussed and till today we are unsure if organ trafficking will be banned or not.

This article is about an undercover writer trying to expose organ trafficking in Egypt.

#2 China

You won’t find another place like China because unlike other countries, China actually condones organ harvesting. If you’re in dying need for a kidney, fly to a hospital in China where you lay in bed and wait for your kidney to arrive; fresh and ready for surgery. It is unknown how much money is made from the illegal sale of organs as there is little information.

However, there are claims that hospitals head hunt foreigners in need for organs and people are paying anywhere from $10,000 to $65,000 for a kidney.

How it works in China most of the time is really quite ingenious (or in human if you like). China has very strict laws and you can bet your bottom dollar that breaking some laws will get you in front of a firing squad. This is how you end up as an organ donor with proper consent.

In 1984, China introduced a new law, “Rules Concerning the Utilization of Corpses or Organs from the Corpses of Executed Prisoners.” Since the passing of this law many people flock to China and wait for their hand me down organs. In fact doctors are even able to tell you how old your organ donor is before it is even delivered.

In recent events, China has put a stop to hospitals in 2007 by restricting transplants to foreigners and giving first priority to Chinese patients. This does not prevent organ harvesting and in many cases executed prisons organs have been taken without consent.

#1 Moldova

Besides poverty and sex slavery, Moldova is one of the top countries in the world for organ harvesting. The population of Moldova is just over 3 million and the government looks like it couldn’t care less about organ harvesting. It is believed that the government is directly involved with the trade even after the government has issued a ban.

Many innocent victims have been murdered for their kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, and small bowel; by gangs. It is also reported that 10% of all kidney donated worldwide originate from Moldova.

Many years ago, a viral email was sent about people being drugged, then waking up naked in a bath tub full of ice with they’re kidneys removed. This is what’s happening now however many victims are being dumped by the roadside. Some of these activities are believed to be masterminded by a police chef. This report says it all.

There are other countries such as Russia, Singapore, Philippines, Colombia, Turkey, South Korea, and Taiwan that illegal organ trafficking still exist. And due to poverty and high profits ($50 million / year) on organ brokering, this world issue continues.


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